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Daddy Mugs Review

Reviewed: 2008-12-04
Quick site rank and complete review of Daddy Mugs | Categories: Amateur, Fetish, Gay, Mature

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bronze rank
Our Rating: 80/100

Quality of Content: 19/25

Purchase Value: 15/20

Leased/Own Content: 15/15

Update Frequency: 8/10

Content Variety: 8/10

Tour Promises/Reality: 4/5

Originality: 8/10

Navigation: 3/5

Images: yes

Live Shows / Chat: yes

Streaming Video: yes

Downloadable Video: yes

User Rating For DaddyMugs

User Rating: 57/100 - based on 110 votes.

Price & Payment Options

Join by online check, phone or credit card via CCBill for $24.95 for 30 days recurring, $64.95 for 90 days non-recurring.

Tour Promises promises amateur American, European and Brazilian lads, exclusive and original content updated three times a week.

My Opinion About DaddyMugs

Daddy Mugs is an all amateur site and you can count on some very hot lads getting it on with none other than DaddyMugs, a former auto worker and all around perv who loves his guys youthful and hard.

There are three updates a week and what I particularly love about the schedule is that you consistently get a masturbation film on Mondays, a hardcore flick on Wednesdays and a Fetish video on Fridays. Of all the twink sites I've seen, I have to admit that this one has some of the cutest guys. Daddy Mugs has really good taste, and while he does participate in some of the sex films for some kinky mature scenes, there's also lots of twink-on-twink action too.

Simple and amateur is the way I'd describe the members' area. Some better browsing features would be great, but it's not hard to browse the page by page system. So far, there are 66 episodes and as mentioned there's a large range of action. Guys giving themselves hand jobs or using toys, blowjobs, fucking, a touch of bondage and even a bit of pissing fetish can be found here. There aren't any extras to pass the time, unless you consider the site news, which basically just gives descriptions of new content.

Each model has a profile page. You can find out the guys' ages, nationalities, height, weight and cock size. Also, Daddy Mugs writes a brief description of where he met the models and other little observations about their personalities and cocks. I liked the personal aspect of this, although it'd be great to have more information about what the guys like in other men or what sort of hardcore they prefer.

All the photos are available in a .zip download and a slideshow. The 800x600images could be larger, but they are natural snapshot profiles of the lads clothed, nude, with hard-ons and all lubed-up and ready to explode when the pictures are solo scenes. Otherwise there are some terrific realistic sex scenes caught and Daddy seems to have a thing for feet, because there's the occasional lingering on foot fetish shots. There are about 45 photos in a set, and I felt this was perfect. The shots are selected and so you get different angles and lots of variety.

Surprisingly, and rather pleasantly I might add, there are multiple movie formats. All the episodes, which play for approximately 15 minutes, come in WMV (466kbps 640x480), MOV and Flash (640x480) formats. Downloads are fast and you can stream the films if you prefer. Films often begin with an interview or at least an introduction to the cuties before getting into the masturbation or hardcore scenes. Sex isn't rough and raw, but then you have to remember that we're dealing with twinks here. Nonetheless, Daddy Mugs does push for kink and he always achieves his goal. The hardcore always ends up hot, but the quality of the films wasn't perfect.

Final Verdict

As an amateur site I'm impressed with the sheer variety of hardcore scenes, especially considering that there are so many twinks. The updates are fabulous and multiple format options make the site enticing. However, in the end the quality is merely average and there aren't bonuses available with the membership. I think that if the site increases the quality of content, then this will be a fantastic place to find hot twink action blended with some kinky older and younger men hardcore.

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User Comments

2012 Dec 03, 02:47, fl
So bascially this site is set up by a guy who wants to do porn and star in his own site. Well star he does! He is a little bit older and he finds younger guys. Does this formula work? Better than I could ever imagine. Daddy Mugs is always the top, which is perfect, because it shows his dominance. Daddy Mugs is a player who can convince ANY guy to give it up to him. The best part is "his boys" seem to love it. I have come to the conclusion that Daddy Mugs is porn ecstacy. I say "his boys" because I not sure any of those guys will ever get a fuck like that. Mugs has no mercy and it is amazing to watch him work. He has this manly sexiness that just radiates. If you fantisize about being fucked by the BEST this is your site. It's Daddy Mugs' world and we just live in it. Bow to the king, open your ass, and be ready for the greatest sex you will ever experience.

Mugs is tops
2012 Nov 30, 12:19, LA
Wow fucking wow. Oh Daddy Mugs you are the man. Not on this site for the twinks, I don't need the twink on twink action, just Daddy. Daddy Mugs is the best there ever is, the best there ever was and the best there will ever be. He is what a man should be. He has an attitude and can back it up. He is a very confident man who will not be denied. I didn't know what horny was until I saw him. Daddy Mugs has it all. If you are looking for a strong man who will give you all you can handle and more then he is the guy. So damn hot. So damn sexy. Open your ass because you are going to witness perfection. I have never cum so much in my life. Gotta go, need to watch more Daddy Mugs.

2012 Nov 19, 06:49, NY
Daddy Mugs is fucking awesome. He's hot and powerful. He is the greatest fuck in the world. Guys line up to be fucked by him. He is a dominate top who really is a joy to watch. His models adore him because he gives them the ride of their life. When Daddy's dick is inside of you, you know that you won the lottery. I can't say enough about Daddy. I am absolutley amazed by him and his fucking awesome dick. I admit I am extemely jealous of his models. Seriouslt though Daddy is literally the sexiest man alive, and once you've seen him fuck, nothing else can compare. Don't search the web for porn get a subscription to Daddy and be ready to reach the apex of porn watching. SEXIEST MAN ALIVE!!!!!! ULTIMATE TOP!!!!!! GREATEST DICK!!!!!!! FUCKING AMAZING!!!!! DADDY MUGS, YOU FUCKING RULE!!!!!!

Daddy Rules
2012 Nov 14, 07:18, SF
I really do enjoy this site, why?
1. Daddy Mugs turns me on. He is the ultimate man, not some little boy. Sometimes I pause the video just to admire how hot he looks with his cock out.
2. The selection. Daddy Mugs is the king at suducing guys. They line up for him. He finds all sorts of guys who want him. However I don't care who he fucks, Daddy Mugs is the star.
3. He is a top and only a top. This is part of what makes him so sexy. He is always the one doing the fucking. There is no doubt who is in charge.
4. It's real. It's not as if these guys are fucking him just for money. Every one of his conquests seems to be enjoying it A LOT. I would imagine some would do it for free because honestly, isn't getting fucked by Daddy Mugs better than anything money could buy.
They say no site is absolutely perfect and I agreed until I found Daddy Mugs is the real deal, real man, king of sex. I just hope one day I can be brave and lucky enough to give him my ass. I would do it for free, because that dick it well worth it.

2012 Nov 13, 11:06, West coast
This site rocks. One video he has says it all. So Daddy who has the ability to turn even a straight guy gay (yeah he's that good) has this guy with a virgin ass. The boy is excited but what he gets is more than he can handle. Daddy's cock is too thick, the guy gets up and runs away, and the cameras roll. Well he comes back (and who wouldn't) and Daddy gives it to him good (as only the champion can). The guy is not disapointed (of course). It's an awesome scene.

stud finder
2012 Nov 07, 07:48, usa
One word.......STUD. Best site on the internet!!!!!!!!!! Watch as the manliest of men runs through the asses of twink after twink after twink after ... well you get the point. There is even a place on the site to apply to be a model (aka open ass for mighty Daddy), and if your into that thing, get in line, because Daddy has his pick these days of whatever he wants, and he desrves it.....STUD, STUD, STUD!!!!!!!!!!

2012 Oct 17, 18:56, cali
I LOVE THIS SITE. Daddy Mugs is the hottest porn star alive (Male or Female) I cannot believe how perfect his dick his. The site is filled with video after video of Mugs dominating twinks. I have spent money on porn before but never was I this happy/horny. Daddy Mugs is a legend. Daddy Mugs is the ultimate top. Did I mention....I LOVE THIS SITE!!!!!!!

2011 Feb 21, 04:47, ox4
as love to have the fun and all the cock as love all the difarnt ways u do them as if y got any more please do as love to be in it

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